Is idling sapping your valuable engine life? Most haul trucks idle 25-35%, stealing engine life, fuel, productivity and profits. Never remind your operators to turn off their engines again! Extend your engine life 9%.*

*Based on actual operational results of haul truck idle reduction


Reducing Idle Extends Engine Life, Lowers Costs


Designed for Mining – Customized for Your Mine


Automates Critical Functions, Shutdown & Aux Power


Triple Bottom Line Benefits: People, Profits, Planet


  • Typical payback: 9-12 months
  • Eliminates underlying causes of equipment idle
  • Extends engine life & increases uptime
  • Reduces fuel and maintenance costs
  • Designed specifically for mining
  • Automates critical functions
  • Customizable & IIoT integratable
  • Integrated climate control
  • Tier 4 diesel APU
  • Auto engine shutdown with operator overrides
"I really liked having a quiet lunch! It was 25 ºF and the Primo IAS kept me warm."
"During idle, a modern diesel doesn’t combust fuel as efficiently, which over time can be detrimental to component life."
"Inefficiencies due to truck idling are a significant source of inefficiency that has plagued the industry for years…Many case studies in industry have demonstrated that it is possible to significantly save on energy consumption with proven policies to turn off engines during such periods…And these initiatives recognize the impact of operators on a mine's energy efficiency."
  • Extend engine life hour for hour with idle avoided
  • Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Reduce powertrain maintenance cost by cutting engine run time
  • Simple, safe, and efficient. Easy to maintain
  • Little to no operator interaction required
  • Heats and cools as efficiently as (or better than!) OEM systems
  • Self-contained with quick connects designed for easy maintenance
  • 5 minute cool down mode allows for orderly equipment shutdown
  • Auxiliary A/C system can be operated as primary in place of OEM A/C
  • Addresses compressed air loss which can often cause of equipment restart failure
  • Aux Power: 13 hp Tier 4 super mini diesel engine and 24v alternator maintain truck’s battery charge
  • Reduce Fuel: ½ gallon per hour vs truck engine at 5 to 17 gallons per hour at idle
  • Aux A/C: Aux compressor matches OEM A/C systems ensuring performance & comfort
  • Heat: Circulates hot coolant to heat the cab keep both OEM engine and auxiliary engine warm
  • Automatic Operation: provides power to needed systems such as radios, lights, windows, etc., while turning off power to unnecessary components
  • Timed Auto Shutdown with Operator Override: Safe and practical shutdown ensures system usage
  • Master Switch: Completely disable system for maintenance and safety
  • OEM Quality: Engineered, built and installed to meet or exceed OEM standards
  • Fuel: Draws from truck’s fuel tank.
  • Customizable: Tailor the system to specific operational needs and functions
  • Adaptable: Customizable to all truck models and most other equipment
  • Extreme Cold: Add or connect existing auxiliary heater, exhaust manifold heat exchanger, and/or in-tank fluid warmers to warm coolant and essential fluids maintaining temperatures and/or preheating the engine from cold start. Long term equipment shutdown option to run unattended.
  • Onboard air compressor: Charge the air system without a service call, reducing downtime
  • Hydraulic pump: Use for releasing the park brake, charging steering accumulators, or raising the bed of a truck
  • PTO output: Configurable to incorporate additional functions


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ECOmplete is the manufacturer of the Primo IAS
Eco-Edge is the distributor of Primo IAS